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How to make a biryANI: a spicy dish with curry, chickpeas, chick peas and chickpea curd

Ramlagsari and his brother Jadhav, both from the same village in Bihar’s western state of Bihar, are the latest celebrities to take up a culinary trend known as biryan. 

Ramsari and Jadhavan were given their first taste of the dish at the age of seven by their grandmothers who, like most Indian families, were vegetarian.

They also learnt about the ingredients from their parents and grandparents. 

The family have also spent a lot of time travelling to markets and restaurants, making their own dishes.

Ramlagsaris biryans are made of chickpeasant, lentils, tomatoes and red chilies. 

Their grandmother, who lives in a village in western Bihar, has cooked up a few variations of the popular dish.

One of the best is the biryan biryANi (spicy chickpeach curry) made with chickpeat flour and red lentils. 

“I had never tried chickpeacakes before but now I am loving it,” said Ramlaghas mother, Harshita. 

Her son, Jadhava, said that, as a child, his grandmother made a batch of biryan curry in his family.

He added, “Her family’s recipe is simple.

All the ingredients are simple and they all come together in the end.

I like it.” 

The food is traditionally served in a large pot with some curd and chick peas. 

Biryani is a favourite dish of Jadhavyas extended family, who live in Kishanganj, Bihar’s easternmost state. 

They also prepare a similar dish with chick peas, red lentil and red tomato in the village. 

While the dish has a lot in common with Indian cuisine, it is made with lentils that are not as fresh and flavorful. 

According to the Biryani Samajwadi Party, which represents the farmers of the state, about 50 per cent of the country’s 1.3 billion people are vegetarian.

The state government also promotes the traditional way of life of its people. 

As part of the ‘Biryanyakhan’ (Biryan-pilgrimage) programme, the state government has organised three pilgrimages in the state each year. 

This year, the festival of Ramlagari will be held in February, while Ramlagaon will be celebrated on March 4. 

Meanwhile, Ramlaguars family has decided to open a banyan stall at their market to sell biryannas to local people.

The government hopes to encourage local farmers to grow their own biryanna. 


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