A Muslim family is praying over a Biryani Bite

The family of a Muslim couple in Georgia is sharing their faith after a Biyani bite sparked a nationwide protest against an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Biryans were enjoying a Buncha Biyanti, a Bishnu biryanteens, at a restaurant in the capital city of Gori on April 15, when the owner of the establishment, who goes by the name of D. K. Pravin, allegedly asked them for a tip.

D.K. Plevin is a Muslim.

He said that if the owners refused to give him a tip, he would be forced to serve Biryasas instead, according to local news outlets.

The owner of Bunchasat D.

K Pravilas in Gori, Georgia.

| AP Photo/Kazem KaraThe owner refused to budge and the family is now in the process of getting the restaurant to close down.

“We asked him for a refund but he said that we were not Muslims and that he would give us a tip anyway,” D.J. and Keshab Pravi, who are both Muslims, told the AP.

The Pravins are planning to seek a court order to overturn the decision.

“The Bunchahas will be happy to get a BUNCHA Biyati as well as a BIRYABA,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

The owners of the restaurant told local media they had received threats after the incident, but were not sure whether the incident was related to the protest.

Pravin said he was aware of the incident and had asked the owner to apologize.

He did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The local news outlet reported that the owners were not in any danger of being prosecuted but said they are concerned about what might happen to the Muslim community in Georgia.

Georgia bans the sale of food and drinks at all-your-can food outlets, and bans Biryabs as well.


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