Which country has the lowest number of female doctors in the world?

India ranks last on the World Health Organization’s Gender Inequality Index for women doctors and the United States is ranked number one.

However, India is still the world’s fifth largest market for female physicians, with a whopping 12,000,000 women practicing medicine, according to a report released on Thursday by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

In India, nearly one in five women doctors are not practicing, according the IOM.

According to the study, India has one of the highest female unemployment rates in the industrialized world.

India has a high female birth rate, but the country also has a relatively high infant mortality rate.

According a 2015 report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), India has the highest infant mortality rates in Asia.

According to the report, India’s gender imbalance is one of a number of factors contributing to its gender inequality, and women are being overlooked as providers of care.

According the IOUM report, in India, just 8 percent of doctors are women, while in the United Kingdom, it’s 21 percent.

In China, just 7 percent of female physicians are practicing.

In India, women are less likely to be employed as primary care providers, the report found.

India is not alone.

The U.S. ranks second on the IO’s index of gender inequality.

In 2017, women made up almost half of all primary care physicians, according a 2017 report by The Lancet.

However in 2019, only 16 percent of women were working as primary doctors in U.K.

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