Biryani: Indian restaurants, diners welcome to join ranks

By Arundhati Roy | 10 September 2018 05:09:49 Indian restaurants and diners alike are invited to join the ranks of the world’s most populous nation by joining the ranks the world has yet to embrace.

In a landmark move that will make India the world leader in a new food trend, the Indian government has introduced new rules for all eateries that cater to Indian customers and dinners, a move that has set India apart from the rest of the emerging countries.

The new regulations, which have been announced on Friday, were announced by the Indian Food Regulatory Commission (IFRC) on Tuesday.

The move, which will come into force from July 1, aims to ease the regulatory burden for businesses that cater exclusively to Indian diners and restaurants.

The regulations were formulated by the IFCC after a review of all of the country’s food regulatory regimes.

The government said that the rules will help in the smooth flow of goods, services and cultural activities between the country and the international market.

The food industry has long been a target for Indian regulators, with the industry having been subject to stringent food safety regulations since the 1970s.

Since then, there has been a flurry of regulations that have made Indian food industry more difficult for foreign companies.

The IFCA has also been a major regulator for the industry, having approved or issued a total of 20,622 new food products since 2015.

India, which accounts for around two-thirds of the global food market, has been accused of a slew of shortcomings, including poor quality of its produce and lack of oversight over the food industry, which is heavily regulated by the government.

The Food and Drug Administration, for instance, has issued a number of rules to restrict the export of genetically modified products, which has been criticized as a violation of human rights.

India also has strict laws governing food manufacturing, with an average of just 1.6 million new manufacturing jobs per year in the country.

In addition, the country has been the subject of multiple corruption scandals, including the conviction in 2015 of former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who was accused of bribery, embezzlement and misuse of public funds.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has promised to reform the food sector in the coming years, and to create a regulatory environment that is more in line with its own country.

But the current food policy is seen by some as more of a continuation of the policies of the BJP.

Some commentators have questioned why the government is seeking to regulate food in such a way that is so controversial, given that Indian food products are already widely available in the US and Europe.

The US and EU are the world leaders in producing food, according to the IFAI.

According to the World Food Program, India is the fourth largest producer of Indian food, with nearly 40% of its food supply produced outside of India.

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