What to eat with your egg biseji recipe

Biseji is a popular snack in Iran, but for many Iranians it’s not a traditional part of the diet.

The popular vegetable and egg dish has long been considered a delicacy for the middle class, who usually have access to the most expensive and tastiest options, and a staple of Iranian family dinners.

But with the country’s economic downturn, the popularity of Bisejis has plummeted, with many Iranians cutting out the dish altogether.

According to the Iranian news site Al-Monitor, the number of Bises in the country has dropped by almost half in the last five years.

As a result, most Iranians still eat egg bisesji as part of their daily diet, but the dish is not very popular among the poor and middle class.

“I have not eaten bisejias for a long time because they are expensive and the only option is the one available in the supermarkets,” Mehdi, a 34-year-old who doesn’t want to give his last name, told Al-Bername, referring to the traditional Iranian dish.

Mehdi, who lives in the city of Shiraz, said that when he was in college, he used to eat a portion of the traditional Biseja every day.

While Mehdi said he’s not as familiar with the dish as the average Iranian, he does know that the dish has a place in the Iranian diet.

“It’s not something that I would usually go out of my way to do,” he said.

“I would go to the store to buy a bag of Bishkek bisejas for example, but I would never do that with my friends or family.”

When Mehdi first moved to Iran, he ate Bisejs with family and friends regularly.

“It was not the best meal, but we ate it anyway,” he recalled.

“Even when I went out for my birthday, my friends and family always brought me a piece.”

Mehdan said that after the economic crisis, he began to miss the traditional Persian dish, and began to ask friends if they’d ever tried Bisejas.

“Nowadays, Bisejjis are not as popular in Iran,” he told Al the Monitor.

“But they are still very popular in other parts of the world.

I still buy Bisejonos there.”


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